Mr.Chandramouli Movie Review

What to expect

The title – A popular phrase of actor Karthick as talkative loverboy in Mounaragam (but only for 80s and 90 kids). Don’t forget your audience are vast from all age group. This as a title for a movie featuring Karthick and Gautam Karthick in lead could be, however, apt.

What actually it is

Business strategy-kaaga niraya tragedy nadakkudhu. Indha tragedygal-la hero sikki periya izhappugala sandhikkiraaru. Piragu eppudi ella izhappugalayum thaandi jeyikkiraaru? This is story.

Director’s mind

He had a crime-suspense story in his mind. However he knows the final product would be for only 1 hour.


This can be called a ‘crime-suspense’. Please don’t say this is a romance subject. And never calls this as a comedy subject. The director wanted to bank on the chemistry between the phrase ‘Mr.Chandramouli’and Karthick, also that between Karthick and Gautam Karthick.., and that between Karthick and the car…, and that between Gautam and Regina. However all these chemistries are to emphasize on how good the character’s lives were before the tragic incident happens.

Cast Value

Mr. Chandramouli cast-la Karthick important role play pannuvaar-nu naama ellarum ninippom. Aana indha padhathula yaarukkumae importance perusa illa.
Gautam Karthick, after iruttu araiyil… there is chance for him to show his physique and acting.
In Tamil films, we have many ritualistic things. Here, Regina is a ritual girlfriend. Sathish is a ritual friend.

Varu is impressive. Director Mahendran, Mime Gopi, Santhosh Pratap.
All acted well. But most of the time, the story is not backing up their acting. Successive lengthy scenes makes us think, why are all these people trying so hard to make us believe.


As said, the story is simple, one of the 2 entities of the same business wants to kill the other for monopoly, by which tragic incidents are happening in the city. On the other, literally, on the other side, Hero’s chemistry with his father and girlfriend is developing in the story. When the crime meets his life, the hero’s loss is huge. Now it is time for the hero to raise over all odds and give a fitting revenge to the villain.

The knot in the story starts building up through the first half. In between that, we have the casts introducing themselves – having fun – talking – singing – romancing; sorry to say that; nothing connected to the story. The audience are calm probably thinking, ok got that, come on quick, show me next – but the scene is still on and going. Camera, music, editing, attitude of the characters everything seems like simply overlooked. One can literally see more number of shots and unwanted dialogues in an effort to lengthen the scenes. Karthick sir Oda vAi, gautam Karthick mattrum Regina-oda body-ya nambi, Director sir summa neriya scene pOtrukkaaru. Apart from Karthick’s accessory ‘Padmini’ the car does not have any screen value.

Ok, the second half? The actual tension only develops here – very slow – almost predictable. However this is were the narration and the story goes in sync.

The director has built and bent the entire world to suit the space of his characters. Removing Regina and Sathish will have no impact over the story. Karthick is seen endlessly talking the first half. Comedy didn’t stir up anything. Romance scenes were flat – please don’t have this view on our audiences.

Unbelievably, the entire crew’s work is seen executed only in the final 40 minutes. Suddenly, the editing looks good, RR, stunts, dialogues got better. This must be the place the director wanted to score. However, he pull off the film from being bad to ok type. Thanks to the racy stunts, and unexpected twists in the screenplay. However the ending is nothing special.


This is again a proper 1 hour worth story, dragged to a full length film with flat first half and a bit engaging 2nd half.